Coronavirus Disinfecting & Sanitizing Service in Los Angeles

Helping local hospitals, schools, churches and businesses with cleaning and sanitizing services

Allied Restoration's
Certified Cleaning and Sanitation Professionals

Allied Restoration’s team of certified cleaning experts have extensive training and experience in decontaminating facilities such as hospitals, schools, gyms and residential properties from bacteria and viruses such as Ebola, types of norovirus, MRSA and similar strains of coronavirus. Our team is ready to assist in cleaning and sanitizing, potential exposures and confirmed cases of COVID-19 cleaning. 

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Level 1

Precautionary Deep Cleaning
  • No known case of COVID-19
  • Maintain safety and clean environment
  • Touch point and high traffic area cleaning
  • Application of products on EPA List N

Level 2

Potential COVID-19 Exposure Cleaning
  • Potential case of COVID-19
  • CDC recommended cleaning
  • Full deep cleaning
  • High levels of PPE required

Level 3

Confirmed COVID-19 Cleaning
  • Tested positive for COVID-19
  • Complete disinfection and cleaning
  • Level 3 cleaning protocol
  • Max level of PPE required

Disinfecting Service &

Cleaning Company

Allied Restoration is utilizing Aerosol Research & Engineering Lab (ARE) tested hydroxyl generators  that have a kill rate between 4 and 5 log reductions (99.99%-99.999%) within 2 hours. These radicals are scientifically known to react one million times faster than ozone, bleach, or other cleaning agents, proven to kill enveloped viruses.

Touch Point
Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Touch Point Cleaning

A wipe down and disinfection service that targets high traffic areas and main touch points such as door knobs, computer keyboards, printers, desks etc. This service can include setup of hydroxyls, disinfecting mist/fog using EPA approved products and wipe down of the touch points.

COVID-19 Outbreak Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution

Coronavirus Cleaning

Public facilities and businesses with confirmed cases of COVID-19 will need a customized protocol specific to the site plans to ensure proper protocols are met. We will work with customers to develop a customized plan. If you cannot hire a certified hygienist to assist with a protocol, Allied Restoration will follow CDC recommended guidelines to clean.

Our strength and core value has always been in the customer service experience. We have received training from some of the best customer service companies such as the Ritz Carlton to give the best possible service in the Disaster Restoration Industry

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Allied's Cleaning Solution Utilizes:

Allied Restoration's
Approach to Cleaning

  1. Wipe down of all major touch points using EPA approved disinfectants.
  2. Misting of all areas to reach tough to access points.
  3. Using Hydroxyl Generators with UV lights to disinfect.

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IICRC Certified
Contractors State License Board

Mission from Allied Restoration During a Time of Crisis

Our leadership team has lived and worked through major crises before. Each calamity felt quite stressful at the time, and it was hard (especially at the start) to know how and when it would ever end. This time, we head towards a storm with real strengths…our many years of experience, the skillset & expertise we’ve obtained and most importantly our truly dedicated employees who already have moved mountains to keep the company moving forward in the face of immeasurable of distractions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities worldwide, our leaders and team members are mobilizing to mitigate the damages. The coronavirus situation is evolving and continuing to unfold but the most important asset to protect is the people.

With the pressure from the community pushing for cleanliness, Allied Restoration is pledging to work 24/7 to bring balance to businesses and people impacted by COVID-19.

As industry experts in decontamination, disinfection and containment of bio- hazards, it is our responsibility to face this challenge head-on and will commit to providing to highest standard of service.

Our team will continue to provide the latest information, news and treatment solutions to customers and the public. 

We understand that this has traumatic impact on businesses, stakeholders, and customers. 


OP Almaraz

CEO of Allied Restoration