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Professional Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Service

If you are looking for an effective green solution to clean sensitive surfaces without the adverse effects of traditional methods, then dry ice blasting is the right solution to your problem. Dry ice blasting is similar to pressure washing but without any byproducts as the dry ice does not leave any waste. Dry ice blasting is a great solution to look into when you are dealing with materials that are not waterproof, sensitive or porous. This method will get rid of any smoke residues, mold particles and particles holding onto bad odor from almost any surface.

Ice Blast Cleaning Service - Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County

Dry ice blasting, or dry ice cleaning is the most environmentally responsible cleaning solution available in the industry. Dry ice does not leave any byproducts that can harm the surrounding environment. Similar to using sand, beads or soda blasting, dry ice is able to clean the surfaces of sensitive areas that normal methods can not. The pressure is controlled, clean, and effective in most cases. Dry ice uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2), which blasts out at high speeds to dislodge tiny particles of smoke and odor. 

This method is non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-flammable. The dry ice does not leave any waste as carbon dioxide sublimates from a solid state into a gaseous state. Materials that are porous and sensitive to water is not a problem when using dry-ice! 

Safe and Effective

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Dry ice blasting solution is the safest and most effective way to clean surfaces that traditional blasting methods can not clean. Backed by science, this technology has enabled cleaner and safer homes for property owners.

Environmental Friendly

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Dry ice has no byproducts that traditional methods have. Carbon dioxide sublimates when hitting the surface, going from a solid state to a gaseous state, allowing it to effective clean without waste. 

Residential and Commercial

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Allied Restoration has served thousands of homeowners and business owners to make their environment safer.  Ice blasting is fast and efficient, allowing businesses and homeowners to get back into their homes quickly.

I never noticed how bad my air quality was inside my home until Allied Restoration cleaned my entire home! They methods were not intrusive, quick, and got the job done right!
- Stephanie R.

The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Solutions

  • Reduce Downtime – Significantly faster than traditional methods
  • Non-Abrasive – Dry ice is a soft medium that will not harm sensitive substrates
  • Operator Safe – No chemicals or flammable substances used
  • Increased Efficiency – Less downtime compared to traditional methods
  • Non-Toxic – Dry ice is a food grade medium and safe for residential use
  • No Waste – Carbon Dioxide produces zero secondary waste, residue or moisture
  • Environmentally Responsible – Carbon Dioxide (Co2) does not add any additional CO2 into the atmosphere or your home
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