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    Many Strengths, One Purpose: To Serve.

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    Allied Restoration was established by service professionals who have a combined 25 years of experience in the insurance restoration industry. The foundation of our business is rooted in what most of our competitors have long forgotten – To Serve The Customer! Each member of our team has been hand selected and vetted. We are IICRC Certified and follow all the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  We are preferred vendors for most insurance companies.

    Our goal is to create seamless repair projects by passionately going above and beyond what is expected. Our clients and friends refer us their most important clients and we turn them into Raving Fans. We understand that the entire disaster is already a stressful situation. We go above and beyond with our services to get you back into your home safely.

    Many companies provide the same services for home or businesses, but few go beyond to build a partnership. As a General Contractor we provide restoration services for residential and commercial losses. Our main services we provide are fire damage repairs, water damage restoration service, flood damage, mold removal, and board-ups. Our strategic operation allow us to quickly mobilize and cater to our service areas 24 hours 7 days a week. We operate on weekends and have flexible schedules because we understand that everyone has a busy schedule.

    The entire restoration process can be confusing, especially when insurance companies are involved. Have a peace at mind the moment you call us and schedule an appointment. We juggle all the scheduling so you don’t have to. We handle everything for you so you can focus on your family and professional life. We bill the insurance direct, handle mortgages if needed and even communicate with your insurance agents to resolve issues.

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    Water Damage Restoration

    Water extraction, dry-downs, flood cleanups and restoration work are our specialty. Call the professionals to handle a flood, leak, cupped floors or swelling bulbs on dry walls.

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    Mold Remediation & Removal

    Got mold? We deal with mold removal every day. If you smell or have visible mold growing in your home, we can do remediate the problem the same day! ​

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    Fire Damage Restoration & Rebuild

    Fires are some of the worst cases of disasters. Not only are they catastrophic to homes, they are catastrophic to the balance of a family. We enjoy restoring homes to pre-loss conditions and bringing families back together.

    Smoke Odor Removal and Cleaning

    Smoke Deodorization & Cleaning

    Got a funky smell like smoke or animal odor in the house? We have specialized equipment to eliminate all odor at the source of the problem and freshen up your home in hours.

    More Than Just Restoration

    I want to share Victor’s story with you to give you a sense of how devoted my little brother  was to making lives better, and to demonstrate how much his character inspires me. One evening while driving home from work, Victor called me. He was overwhelmed with emotion and expressed the desire to do something meaningful for people in need. I suggested he go to a grocery store and purchase some food for a hungry family.

    Victor being Victor, he drove straight to a supermarket. He and his two young sons, Jacob & Joshua, found a father and son wandering the parking lot, where they were asking shoppers for food. Victor invited them to go into the store with him to pick out what groceries they wanted. In the cereal aisle, the man’s son picked up a box of Frosted Flakes, clearly a rare luxury for him, and locked eyes with his dad to ask permission to put it in the cart. Victor, noticing this, grabbed two boxes and threw them in alongside the other groceries.

    I still have not forgotten the power of that story. It illustrates so many of the values that we strive to make central, not just in Allied Restoration, but to every aspect of our lives.

    Victor observed a personal touch that would make his act of service especially memorable, and he acted on it. We pray that one day you too will be able to bless someone with an act of kindness.

    My brother strove to have a positive impact on every life he encountered. As a father, business owner, and community member, it’s a mission we try to carry on every day.


    -O.P. Almaraz – Founder and C.E.O of Allied Restoration


    Meet the Tribe

    We are building a tribe of world class leaders who are redefining our customers’ experience during tough times.

    We will never settle for the status quo. We will always drive as hard as humanly possible, in as many simultaneous direction as necessary to achieve that we have not yet achieved. That means we go through all of our resources to solve your problems.

    The Allied Culture:

    Always thinking, always striving, always re-making ourselves to be better, never being satisfied as long as there’s something out there which we’ve not achieved. We restore the property and the livelihood of our customers. Disasters can be troublesome, but with the right people, you can be at peace at some of the toughest times. We love what we do because we know we are making a difference one family at a time.

    Stewart Barrios
    Stewart Barrios - Operations Manager
    Dayna Gambill
    Dayna Gambil - Project Manager
    Will Kelley - Project Manager
    Guillermo Aguilar - Project Manager
    Joshua White
    Josh White - Emergency Service Manager
    Alex Amesquita - Director of EMS
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Jordan Damasco - Emergency Service Technician
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Ever Gomez - Emergency Service Technician
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Gustavo Rodriquez - Emergency Service Technician
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Elias Cabrera - Emergency Service Technician
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Ceasar Chaj - Emergency Service Technician
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Rudie Corrales - Emergency Service Technician
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Tony Navas - Emergency Service Technician
    Jackie Rivera - Crew Manager
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Frank Ross - Superintendent
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Ashlee Smiertelny - Superintendent
    Marlon Marroquin - Superintendent
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Jose Montes - Superintendent
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Guillermo Aguilar - Head Crew Chief
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Angel Osorto Flores - Crew Chief
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Elver Garcia - Crew Chief
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Gabriel Odgers - Crew Chief
    Raymond Bitanga - Chief Financial Officer
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Tina - Accounting Department
    Ivonne Ulloa
    Ivonne Ulloa - Accounting Department
    Allied 3x4 logo
    Diana Ramirez - Accounting Department
    Jennifer Sims - Office Manager
    Dana Almaraz - Systems Analyst
    Vincent Lu - Marketing Department
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