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Allied has been serving Orange County’s beautiful beach homes including Irvine, Santa Ana, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach for water damage restoration and construction for many years. When a disaster strikes, let the professionals handle the damage.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Service in Orange County:

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Allied Restoration provides emergency water damage service in Orange County from Fullerton, Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Niguel and everything city in between.

When handling water damaged homes that are closer to the beach around orange county, we take special precautions and take into account a higher humidity level. From experience, the moisture meters will be reading at a higher margin due to the wet environment near the beach. Our 15 years of experience allows us to handle homes in any condition, from any environment.

We use specialized drying equipment with the water damage restoration in Orange County. By using large dehumidifiers and industrial fans, we are able to remove and extract the excess water from the property. To prevent mold from growing, we use industrial HEPA air scrubbers to clean the air of any mold particles that may feed off the water source.

From the materials we help you choose and equipment we use, we make sure to accommodate for the environment we are in. With years of experience dealing with houses near the ocean, we have been exposed to every type of situation. We make sure to use material that is suited for the higher moisture levels near the ocean and use equipment that properly handles the environmental situation.

Let the professionals handle the problem so your life can get back to normal.

Client’s neighbor drilled a hole and hit a water pipe which caused a flood!

Home disaster can happen for all sorts of reasons that you have absolutely no control over.  When disaster falls onto a lap of client, chaos begins to stir, and frustration erupts. Whether the disaster came from the weather or renovations on another property, the proper way to handle the disaster is with professional assistance. This situation is exactly what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Goldbach, who found a flood in their home. Our clients noticed their walls were looking funny and went over to the neighbor’s property to find out that the neighbor’s contractor drilled a hole and hit a water pipe!

Don’t wait to take care of water damage until it’s too late.

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“Allied Restoration is a construction company that is very sophisticated–a high level, detailed, great company!”

Stephanie Roven

“You don’t get frustrated working with them or communicating with them. Whenever I call O.P., he doesn’t debate or say anything, he just comes over and looks at it and fixes it. The whole process— I’m very pleased with it!”

Rosa Mow
Allied Restoration

“Thank you for your great customer service. We appreciate your help as we deal with all of this.”

Allied Restoration

“Having OP join up with us and help in the process has been a real benefit. He and his staff have always shown up on time, their appearance is neat and very appropriate for working with the public. Rest assured, OP and Allied have represented Mercury well!”


“Allied Restoration is high on our list to recommend to our friends and family, and if we are ever in need of similar services again, they will be our first call.”

Melissa Gilbert

“We hit the jackpot with Allied Restoration. They did a beautiful job construction-wise but most importantly, they were so professional and nice throughout the whole process! I would recommend O.P. any day!”

Nancy O’Dell

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