Structural Damage on Rosa’s House

Structural Damage From Tree

Sometimes home disasters occur at the least expected and least opportune times. Rosa Mow knows this experience all too well. “In 2014, we went out to a great Mother’s Day brunch,” she says. “When we came home, I noticed a lot of palm leaves on the ground by the garage. I still didn’t know what was going on.” As it turns out, an enormous palm tree — nearly six feet in diameter and 30 feet tall — had fallen on top of her garage.


The damage, as you can probably imagine, was severe. Not only was the roof of the garage destroyed, but the damage had caused the plaster on the inside to crack and break off. “The car in the garage,” Rosa notes, “was almost totaled.” With so much damage, Rosa immediately got in touch with her insurance agent.


Rosa and her adjuster recognized that a contractor would be required to fix the damage. Rosa had dealt with contractors before, “some of them bad experiences, some of them decently okay,” she said. Her adjuster recommended she hire Allied Restoration. Rosa interviewed us and says she “was just persuaded by the feeling I got when I interviewed them.” “You don’t get frustrated while working or communicating with Allied,” Rosa says. “That’s the most important part, other than that a good job gets done.” Rosa lives on a spectacular property, so careful restoration is paramount. Restoration is a process, and we pride ourselves on addressing concerns as they arrive. Working with Rosa was great because she always let us know what she wanted. Perhaps the best testament to our relationship with Rosa is that we are still friends to this day. “It’s very rare,” she says, “that after construction you are still able to talk to your contractor.”


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