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We are preferred vendors for many of the major insurance companies and able assist you through the claims process.

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Our Water Damage Repair Crew In Chino is Available 24/7.

Water damaged property can be caused by natural disasters, plumbing leaks, broken appliances from wear and tear, roofs leaks, or just leaving the water running on the faucet unattended. Regardless of the damage, the solution is fundamentally the same and we have mastered every type of mitigation technique through years experience. Stop the water source, dry the area, and repair the damaged property.

We strive to always keep our promises and we always make ourselves available to our clients through phone, text and email. We respond within an hour and we can have our crews out to your location in Chino within 2 hours of scheduling.

We provide free estimates, scope of repairs and offer our resources to assist you in any way we can. We educate you on the entire process so you can make decisions on how to proceed with the restoration process without doubt.

Water damage is reversible if treated immediately. Within minutes of water touching wood or drywall, the material will swell up and start to warp. Proper treatment would be using a dehumidifier and fans to control the moisture levels.

Whether you have a water leak from toilets, flooded basement, or leaky water heater you can call us at any time for a free estimate and one of our certified technicians can come out to Chino to assist you through this disaster.

If you are located in Chino and experiencing any mold or need mold removal due to water damage, you can visit our mold removal service page to learn more.

Our Water Damage Services:

Water Extraction

Flood clean-up

Demolition of Drywall

Wet and Damaged Carpet Removal

Musty Odor Removal

Drying and Moisture Control

Air Scrubbing and Purification

Sanitizing and Microbial to Fight Mold

“Allied Restoration is a construction company that is very sophisticated–a high level, detailed, great company!”

Stephanie Roven

“You don’t get frustrated working with them or communicating with them. Whenever I call O.P., he doesn’t debate or say anything, he just comes over and looks at it and fixes it. The whole process— I’m very pleased with it!”

Rosa Mow
Allied Restoration

“Thank you for your great customer service. We appreciate your help as we deal with all of this.”

Allied Restoration

“Having OP join up with us and help in the process has been a real benefit. He and his staff have always shown up on time, their appearance is neat and very appropriate for working with the public. Rest assured, OP and Allied have represented Mercury well!”


“Allied Restoration is high on our list to recommend to our friends and family, and if we are ever in need of similar services again, they will be our first call.”

Melissa Gilbert

“We hit the jackpot with Allied Restoration. They did a beautiful job construction-wise but most importantly, they were so professional and nice throughout the whole process! I would recommend O.P. any day!”

Nancy O’Dell

What To Do About Water Damage Before We Arrive

Here are some important steps you can take to help us mitigate damages before we arrive at the property in Chino:

It is important to take certain actions to make the water damage restoration process smoother for all of us. These action steps will help mitigate damages and increase safety while working.


-Find and shut off the main water supply to mitigate and prevent further damage from the source.

-Evacuate the affected area if the water leak is considered a category 3 (grey or black color).

-Secure your pets at a safe location while our technicians mitigate the damage.

-Do not touch or move any objects that came into contact with the water leak.

Don’t wait to take care of water damage restoration until it’s too late.

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