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Wildfire Prevention

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Home Hardening

Reduce Wildfire Risks up to 75%

Small changes to your home can reduce wildfire risk by up to 40%, and structural and vegetation improvements combined can lower wildfire risk by up to 75%. Furthermore, losses prevented can be much bigger (e.g. 5 times greater) when compared to a highly flammable environment.

Our team of experts can conduct a risk assessment to ensure your property is held at the highest standard from CALFire and the NFPA.



Our Home Hardening & Fire Defense Process

Step 1: Our Experts Conduct a Risk Assessment of the Property

The assessment focus on:
▪ Vulnerability of homes to embers, surface fire, and crown fire
▪ Condition of the structures themselves
▪ Immediate hazards within the Home Ignition Zone on individual properties
▪ Concerns presented by common/open space areas or adjacent public lands

Step 2: We Map Out the Hazards and Apply Long-Term Fire Retardant

We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients and to provide outstanding fire prevention services . To get the job done, we combine our expertise with the industry's best Long-Term Fire Retardant.

Step 3: We Reapply the Fire Retardant and Add Additional Disaster Prevention Layers

Throughout the process, our team will be back to reapply the long-term fire retardant and add on additional layers of disaster prevention tools such as water detectors and earthquake gas shut-off valves.

Long-Term Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant (2)

We utilize the same Fire Retardants used to fight wildfires as the ones dropped in the Fire Department’s airplanes (without the red dye). This gold standard fire retardant is safe and effective to apply to vegetation.

Fire Risk Assessment

Home Inspection

We assess the defensible space, combustibles around a home (home ignition zone), fences, decks, building shape, walls, roofs, roof vents, eaves & overhangs.

Home Hardening

Home Hardening

The construction materials, design elements, and neighboring landscaping all play a role in a home’s potential to withstand a wildfire. Homes that are constructed and built to wildfire-resistant standards are less vulnerable to wildfires and are more likely to survive one. The Home Ignition Zone includes a component called home hardening.

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