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Did Your Property in Malibu, Calabasas, Bell Canyon or Point Dume Get Covered by Ash and Smoke?

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If your house is uninhabitable due to smoke odor and ash, you may want to get a professional to help out. Wildfires can cause significant damages to your property and your health. The damage can be physical damages or cosmetic from the smoke and ash that falls onto your property. Once the smoke particulates have entered your home through windows, vents or air conditioning systems, they are not going anywhere and opening your windows will only bring in more smoke contaminated air.

Your first instinct may be to clean your home, but please document and take pictures before you start cleaning. By properly documenting the damages, your insurance claim will have a higher chance of approval and damages can be covered.

If you had to rent a hotel or temporary housing after being evacuated or due to the smoke odor or damage, you should be eligible to have the insurance reimburse all additional expenses (including any added costs of eating out) if you save the receipts and properly document. Dry cleaning of your clothing and cleaning of your personal property can also be covered or reimbursed.

The smoke from the wild fire has blanketed acres of land which drastically decreased the air quality in the surrounding areas.  As a result, health officials have issued air quality alert for Los Angeles County, west and east San Fernando Valley, and western San Gabriel Valley.

People with breathing issues, auto-immune diseases, older adults and children are at a greater risk. General symptoms may include wheezing, bronchitis, cough, chest pain, inflammation, irregular heartbeat, and irritated eyes. If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact a health professional.

Allied Restoration specializes in fire damage cleanups, repairs and full restoration so your damaged property can be returned to normal. We are able to deodorize and clean all areas inside your house. Best of all, insurance typically covers these damages due to wildfire.

Was your home physically damaged by the Woolsey Wildfire? You can visit our Fire Damage Service page to learn more about the process on reconstruction for your damaged property.

Smoke Deodorizing & Cleaning Service:


Smoke damage requires specialized cleanup tools handled by professionals that can clean every surface of your property.

We handle every step from smoke cleanups to smoke deodorizing to properly restore your property

 Soot & ash removal & cleaning services (i.e. cleaning soot off walls and roofs).

 Interior fire & smoke odor removal.

 Removal of material that has been affected by the smoke damage.

 Board-ups and temporary structures to prevent further damages & theft.

Do you have family pets? Learn how to protect your pets from the wildfire smoke!

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How To Clean After A Wildfire: Do It Yourself Smoke Cleanup

The first instinct when coming back into your home after the wildfire is to clean. If you decide to clean the whole house yourself instead of filing an insurance claim, here are some tips that may help.

1) Always properly document and take pictures of the property before you start cleaning. If you decide to file a claim later on, you will have proof of the damages.

2) With any exterior cleaning, you may want to clean by starting from the top (roof and rain gutters) and moving your way down. If you have a tile roof, begin by renting a lift so you don’t break any roof tiles. Start by hosing down your roof and you will notice streams of black spots running down the walls. There will be spots on your roof that you will need a ladder to reach and spray. Be very careful if you are going to step onto the roof as ash and dirt may cause the surface to be slippery. After a thorough spray down of the roof, you should start cleaning your rain gutters as they will start clogging up with all the debris coming down from the roof. Moving down to the exterior walls of your home, you will need to use a pressure washer to spray down the walls. Make sure not to use a pressure washer setting that could damage the stucco or siding of your home. As you wash it down, you will notice streams of black spots there as well.

3) With the interior cleaning, you will want to start with your air ducts. Cleaning air ducts will require a professional with the appropriate tools and licensing to do so. After cleaning the ducts, you will want to change your air filters to your furnace and AC weekly after to clean out the leftover smoke particles as the house decontaminates.

4) If the smoke odor is prominent, you may want to rent or purchase a commercial grade HEPA air scrubber to improve the interior air quality by cleaning the inside air. Place a HEPA air scrubber into each of the main living areas and use high powered fans to create a circulation of air to move the smoke particles thriving the HEPA air scrubber. Use the HEPA air scrubbers and industrial fans for at least 48-72 hours.

5) Bring your clothes to be dry cleaned professionally by a dry cleaner that specializes in smoke and odor removal. Washing clothes a couple times will not be enough to get rid of the smoke odor, but you can launder and dry clean as needed. The price of the dry cleaning will depend on the amount of contents and clothes that have been affected.

Should You File a Claim?

Restoring fire & smoke damaged property can a very complicated process without guidance. Trained professionals can help determine the appropriate estimate to provide to your insurance adjusters to return your property and your life back to normal in a timely manner.
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