Levels of Risk and Exposure to COVID-19 When You Clean Your Facility

Classifying worker exposure to COVID-19 is important when gauging how to clean your facility.

Levels of Risk and Exposure to COVID-19:

Very High Risk: Contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the facility (hospitals and clinics, healthcare workers, etc)

High Risk: Non-Quarantined or international travelers or people with exposure to a facility that can potentially have confirmed cases (transportation, high traffic areas)

Medium Risk: Frequent exposure to people within the facility (close contact with people, domestic travel)

Low Risk: Low contact points and no frequent contact with people in a facility

Levels of Risk for Employers to Consider for Cleaning

In order to properly classify the level of cleaning needed within a facility, a business must take into account risk factors that align with their business. 

As a Restoration Contractor that is licensed and operates under CDC recommended standards and complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), we must evaluate the risk of cleaning prior to choosing a method. Before we can give a proper estimate, we ask for the risk level of the facility. 

If someone has exhibited symptoms or there is tangible proof without an official COVID-19 diagnosis, standards require us to operate as if the facility has been contaminated. What this means to you is that we must operate with the highest level of safety under the law for our technicians to properly clean the facility. 

Preventative cleaning is an option to lower the risk levels and shift liability away from the business. Reactive COVID-19 Response cleaning will always be performed if the business can not confirm that there was no confirmed case within the facility.

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