Laura DeNeri – Wildfire From the Woolsey Fire
Forest fire in the Courel range, O Incio, Lugo, Galicia

Laura DeNeri – Wildfire From the Woolsey Fire Thousands of people in Southern California have been affected by the Woolsey fire. Early estimates are that at least 370 structures, many of them homes, have been destroyed. Dense smoke…


The Hidden Risks of Lead Exposure O.P. Almaraz:Thanks again for joining us for another session of Q & Allied. Today, we've got John Meador, the president of Envirocheck. Thank you, John for letting us into…


Asbestos Testing in Your Home Asbestos Testing with Allied Restoration Services Inc. O.P. Almaraz:Welcome back to another session with Q and Allied. My name is O.P. Almaraz and today we're going to be talking…


Flood Damage Testimonial

FLOOD DAMAGE: THE NEIGHBORS DRILL A LEAK   Home disaster can happen for all sorts of reasons that you have absolutely no control over, from the weather to renovations…


Lead Testing and Removal

Hidden Risk of Lead Exposure In 2018, everyone has some awareness of the dangers of lead paint. It was not so long ago, though, that lead-based paint was a…


Mold Remediation Testimonial

MOLD REMEDIATION AT THE HOME OF MS. FELES: WHEN THE ICE MAKER MAKES MORE THAN ICE. Mold remediation is one of our specialties here at Allied Restoration. As mold poses…


Tim Bauer Becoming Failworthy

Tim Bauer Making the Most of Life’s Opportunities I have always believed that improvement is a lifelong process. I don’t believe people reach a point at which they have…


Technology of the Restoration Industry

Allied’s Approach to Restoration Technology Digital analytics tools are becoming more and more important to the restoration industry. Web-based apps and programs can provide significant services for restoration companies, insurers,…


Asbestos Removal Tips

Asbestos Removal If you’re sitting in a property built prior to the mid 80s, there’s a good chance your walls have a cancer causing building material inside of them called…

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