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    Smoke Damage, Deodorization & Cleanup Services

    Residential and Commercial Property Damage Experts

    24/7 Disaster Recovery

    Smoke damage remediation requires detailed cleaning for all horizontal surfaces in the interior and exterior area. The cleaning will consist of a complete wipe-down of all surfaces and followed up by cleaning the air with HEPA air scrubbers. The smoke odor will get filtered through the HEPA air scrubbers by eliminating the smoke particulates.

    24/7 Water Damage Service

    24/7 Same Day Emergency Smoke Deodorization Service

    Fast emergency response technicians available 24/7 so you are never left without the help you need. Let the disaster restoration experts handle it.

    Smoke Remediation and Repair

    Commercial and Residential Smoke Restoration Repair

    We handle every aspect of any kind of smoke damage restoration, without you coordinating different vendors for demolition, smoke deodorization, contents cleaning, or reconstruction.

    Dry Down

    Free Estimates & Scope of Work for Reconstruction Service

    We work provide estimates to rebuild your home and work closely with insurance agents, brokers and adjusters to make sure the fire restoration process is smooth and hassle-free.

    Can't Stop Smelling The Smoke Odor?

    If your house is uninhabitable due to smoke odor and ash, you may want to get a professional to help out with the poor air quality. Once the smoke particulates have entered your home through windows, vents or air conditioning systems, they are not going anywhere and opening your windows will only bring in more smoke contaminated air.
    Your first instinct may be to clean your home, but please document and take pictures before you start cleaning. By properly documenting the damages, your insurance claim will have a higher chance of approval and damages can be covered.
    If you had to rent a hotel or temporary housing after being evacuated or due to the smoke odor or damage, you should be eligible to have the insurance reimburse all additional expenses (including any added costs of eating out) if you save the receipts and properly document. Dry cleaning of your clothing and cleaning of your personal property can also be covered or reimbursed.
    Allied Restoration specializes in fire damage cleanups, repairs and full restoration so your damaged property can be returned to normal. We are able to deodorize and clean all areas inside your house with HEPA air scrubbers and vacuum. Best of all, insurance typically covers these damages due to wildfire.
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    Smoke Damage, Deodorizing & Cleaning Service

    Smoke damage requires specialized cleanup services by professionals that can clean every surface of your property. Allied Restoration mastered every step of the smoke damage restoration process to service our clients quickly and efficiently.

    We handle every step from smoke cleanups to smoke deodorizing to properly restore your property

     Exterior soot & ash removal services (i.e. cleaning soot off walls and roofs).  We use pressure washers to get soot and ash off walls and roofs for exterior cleaning.

     Interior fire & smoke odor removal. We clean every horizontal surface in the interior of the property. Our team wipes down and cleans every inch of interior surface. We use HEPA air scrubbers to clean the air within the interiors to remove any odor in the air.

     Removal of material that has been affected by the smoke damage. We remove any contents that have been directly affected by the smoke damage. Soft goods can be dry cleaned to remove odor.

     Removing biohazard residues that can cause health problems. Soot and ash can cause health problems if left in the air. People with breathing issues, auto-immune diseases, older adults and children are at a greater risk if exposed to ash and soot. General symptoms may include wheezing, bronchitis, cough, chest pain, inflammation, irregular heartbeat, and irritated eyes. If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact a health professional.

    Smoke damage repairs and smoke removal services made simple. With the right team and tools, we can restore your house back from any condition.

    Smoke damages and smells usually come from fire damage, you can visit our Fire Damage Service page or Odor Removal Page to learn more.

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