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We take care of floods, water leaks, and any damage at your property.

Flood Extractions & Water Damage Repair, Drying and Restoration

Water damage restoration is a crucial service that is needed in the aftermath of floods and other water-related disasters. Water damage can cause severe structural damage to a property, leading to mold growth and other health hazards. Therefore, quick and efficient water damage restoration is essential to minimize the damage and prevent further health risks.

Water damage is a serious issue that can arise in many homes and businesses in Los Angeles.

Common causes of water damage in this area may include:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Flooding due to rainfall
  • Water overflow from sinks or toilets
  • Water heater burst
  • Air conditioners draining indoors
  • Mold build up from undetected water

How The Water Damage Restoration Process Works

We are ready to assist you with water damage and floods 24/7/365. Call us anytime and our technicians will arrive to your property in less than 90 minutes.

Our water damage and flood certified technicians will carry your project to completion whether it’s a home or office building. Filing a claim is not always the right decision. Before you do so, make sure to call Allied Restoration for a free consultation.

Our team keeps you updated throughout the entire restoration project. You can monitor the 24/7. See images, estimates, job progress, completion time, etc.

24/7 Emergency Service

Call us at any time of the day. We operate 24/7 to service you when you need us most.

Quick Reponses Time

Our team mobilizes within 45 minutes of any emergency call. You can expect assistance during a disaster, exactly when you need it.

A Detailed Plan of Action

Our team of service experts access the damages once on-site, provide a detailed plan of action to repair and remove any problems.

Professional Restoration Team

Our highly trained restoration experts become your team to mitigate and restore your home.

Restoration of Your Home

We deliver your home back into pre-loss conditions, and 9/10 times in a better condition as it once was.

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Are You Filing an Insurance Claim?

Filing a claim is not always the right decision. Before you do so, make sure to call Allied Restoration for a free consultation.

We work with you to assess the damage and develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate the damages and restore your home to it’s best condition. We use the latest equipment and technology to dry your home and remove the water completely. We not only conduct water damage restoration and flood restoration services, but we check for mold or other damages caused by water. We set up dehumidifiers and industrial air scrubbers to clean the air of any potential mold spores.

After our initial response to water damages and dry out the property, we move on to replacing and repairing the damages. Your insurance not only covers the dry down, but also the replacement and reconstruction of damaged property due to the water damage loss. Our team of construction experts take over and guide you through the reconstruction process to bring your property back into pre-loss conditions as soon as dry down is complete.

How Long Will Flood Damage Repair Take To Complete?

The time that water damage repairs take to complete will depend on the time it takes for the material affected to dry up. A safe time to assume is 72 hours on an average basis for 1 room to be dried out and ready for reconstruction followed by 1-2 weeks for the actual water damage repairs.

We understand that most property owners just want life to go back to normal after a disaster, but every repair project will vary depending on the complexity of the damage and the building materials affected. In some cases, the full extent of the problem and extends further than the visual water damage once walls are removed and mold is found.

If the house was built before 1985, then asbestos testing must be done before any walls are opened up for drying. After testing, results take around 24-48 hours to receive. If results come back negative, then a restoration company like Allied Restoration can start to dry the water damaged property immediately. However, If the testing results come back positive, then an abatement company (specialized license to remove asbestos) has to be referred in and then they will perform the work required to dry out the property.

After the water damaged property is dried out, the restoration contractor can begin repair work.

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