Commercial Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Response:

Commercial water damage can cause a huge financial disaster for businesses. A simple sprinkler setting off can cause major water damage and stop daily operations for up to a week! Regardless of the situation, our team is ready for any type of disaster and able to mitigate, relieve and restore the damage done.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Water Damage Restoration Service in Los Angeles & OC:

We know the priorities when dealing with commercial water damage.

Our main priority is getting the work space back into a safe and operational state, so you can start your operations as soon as possible. We have the training, experience and equipment to tackle a water emergency of at any size with the emergency response team. Our team is able to mitigate damages in as fast as 24 hours and bring the business back into an operational state within 48 hours. In some cases, our team is able to work with minimal interruptions and your business will still be able to keep its doors open and operational, so no employees are affected.

We tackle our commercial water damage restoration projects with our special team of water damage restoration technicians with industrial grade equipment to dry and control the moisture.

Our lead certified technicians show up onto the scene within an hour to scope out the disaster and come up with a restoration plan. Our crew will be right behind our lead technicians with equipment and manpower to relieve any emergency disasters that may arise.

“Allied Restoration is a construction company that is very sophisticated–a high level, detailed, great company!”

Stephanie Roven

“You don’t get frustrated working with them or communicating with them. Whenever I call O.P., he doesn’t debate or say anything, he just comes over and looks at it and fixes it. The whole process— I’m very pleased with it!”

Rosa Mow
Allied Restoration

“Thank you for your great customer service. We appreciate your help as we deal with all of this.”

Allied Restoration

“Having OP join up with us and help in the process has been a real benefit. He and his staff have always shown up on time, their appearance is neat and very appropriate for working with the public. Rest assured, OP and Allied have represented Mercury well!”


“Allied Restoration is high on our list to recommend to our friends and family, and if we are ever in need of similar services again, they will be our first call.”

Melissa Gilbert

“We hit the jackpot with Allied Restoration. They did a beautiful job construction-wise but most importantly, they were so professional and nice throughout the whole process! I would recommend O.P. any day!”

Nancy O’Dell

Allied Commercial Water Damage Restoration Process:


  1. Deployment & Assessment: Our team is on call 24/7 to respond to emergency disasters. A lead technician will be the first on scene to help relieve damages immediately and come up with an emergency service drying plan.
  2. Restoration Plan: Our crew will be right behind our lead with equipment ready to be set up extract water and contain the disaster. Our lead goes over the plan with the crew to start immediately and ensures the safety of the area before production begins.
  3. Execution of Plan: Our team starts mitigating and removing all water and liquids. After containment and removal, our team sets up equipment to dry and dehumidify the affected areas to prevent mold and bacteria from growing.
  4. Restoration: Our team saves and pack out the contents that have been affected by the water damage and transported into a safe facility for temporary storage and cleaning. Our team will then be able to cut open any affected drywall with water damage to ensure every area is dried out and ready for reconstruction.
  5. Reconstruction: After drying has been completed, our team of reconstruction experts enter the scene to restore the damaged property back into pre-loss conditions with the insurance approval.


Allied Restoration takes pride in being insurance preferred vendors and hold the highest standard of service. Allied Restoration has a disaster emergency planning program for businesses where we train and educate employees on how to approach a disaster. Whether it is a flood, water damage pipes, fire damage, or even sprinklers setting off, our emergency program will help immediately mitigate the damages and get businesses up and running quickly.

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