Allied Restoration

Your Emergency Becomes Our First Priority

Many Strengths, One Purpose: To Serve.

Allied Restoration Service Inc. was conceived and established by service professionals who have a combined 25 years of experience in the insurance restoration industry. The foundation of our business is rooted in what most of our competitors have long forgotten – To Serve The Customer! Each member of our team has been hand selected and trained to hold and promote our company’s core values which are reinforced daily in everything we do.

Our goal is to create consistent repair experiences by passionately going above and beyond what is expected. Our clients and friends refer us their most important clients and we turn them into Raving Fans.

Many companies provide the same services, but few go beyond to build a partnership. As a General Contractor we provide commercial and residential losses with the following solutions: Fire, Water and Wind Damage, Mold Remediation, Water Extraction, Board-Ups and Temporary Roofing.

Our Service Values

We have crafted the following 12 Service Values to guide our interactions with customers, referral sources and internal team members. They are indispensable to the way we do business and define every choice we make. Every single day, we train our staff on one of them, recognize someone who is doing a good job exemplifying one and talk about training opportunities to get better at implementing them.


  • Raving Fans

    Our goal from day one is never to merely satisfy a customer. It is always our intention to make sure that think of calling us when need our services again.

  • Goals

    Every employee establishes goals for his or her department and has metrics to meet to provide you with the best possible experience and attaining goals.

  • Learning

    Our staff is always developing and learning new skills. We cross-train one another and have monthly Allied Book Clubs. Ask us what our book of the month is!

  • Expressed & Unexpressed

    Any organization can do a decent job on meeting the expressed need. We are constantly seeking ways to serve the needs that are not expressed on a daily basis.

  • Continual Improvement

    We understand how many choices you have, so we are always in a relentless pursuit to become the best version of Allied Restoration company that we can be.

  • Involvement

    Our goal is never to merely satisfy a customer. While we hope you don’t require us again, it is our intention to make sure that you will think of us first!

  • Experiences

    We understand that we are not just restoring homes, we are restoring lives.. We aim to provide an incredible experience and rebuilding to your exact needs.

  • Owning Problems

    Our staff is trained to own and resolve anything that gets thrown their way. If they can’t handle it, they’ll do their best to find someone that can.

  • Privacy

    Privacy and confidentiality are critical to us, especially in the Private Client Group. When requested we provide NDAs and showing up in unmarked vehicles.

  • Professionalism

    We promise you that we will always show up looking, smelling and acting the part. We will communicate clearly with you and focus on your most important parts.

  • Teamwork

    We have a family culture that takes a forefront focus from day 1 on the job. No one is hired to join our team until they’ve met everyone in the Allied Family.

  • Cleanliness & Safety

    We understand how challenging these “forced renovations” can be. Our intention is to always to be as minimally invasive, respectful and caring for your home.