Water Damage Restoration in Mission Viejo, CA 

Water & Mold Restoration Services.

If water gets into buildings, it can destroy floors, walls, and even leave behind mold growth. If you’re battling the destruction of water damage in your home, you can turn to Allied Restoration Services Inc. for help.

Here’s an in-depth look at our water damage restoration process:

  1. We schedule a same-day appointment. We’ll send one of our certified technicians out to your location ASAP.
  2. Once on the scene, our team member will assess the totality of your water damage. During the assessment, they’ll identify where the largest amount of water is collected, which will determine where to extract from.
  3. After your property has been evaluated, it’s time to initiate the mitigation process. With our industry-leading suction machines, we’ll pump water out of your structure. Once that’s finished, we’ll set up dehumidifiers to ensure your home is properly dried.
  4. The job isn’t finished just yet. As our final step, we’ll assess the property to find any lingering issues that need to be taken care of.

If you need help with water damage and mold restoration, turn to our team of experts here at Allied Restoration. With years of experience, no water damage problem is either too big or too small for us to handle.

We understand each problem is different. To discuss the right approach for your water damage restoration, fill out our online contact form today!

Why Choose Us

Where there’s water damage, there’s likely mold. This is why it’s so critical to control the water damage quickly. However, sometimes even a fast response to flooding can’t stop mold growth. In the event your structure has bacteria growing inside its walls, let our mold specialists take over!

Benefits of working with our state-certified mold specialists:

  • We Have Fast and Quick Response Times – After your initial call with us, we promise to get a technician on the scene in less than an hour. The quicker you treat mold, the faster you find a solution!
  • We Target the Source – Being able to identify the source of a mold issue is key. Our team has a vast amount of experience when it comes to targeting the source of bacteria. We know what signals to look for to find the source.
  • We Offer Mold Removal and Remediation – Unlike other mold restoration service teams, our mold specialists are ready to extract in the safest way possible. We treat each extraction with care to ensure there isn’t another mold outbreak hiding somewhere else.
  • We Can Help with Future Planning – Mitigating a problem is one thing but making sure it doesn’t happen again is another! While our team can’t promise you’ll never deal with mold again, we will do everything in our power to prepare your space for a mold-free future. This includes restoring your walls and floors to their previous condition.

There’s a reason Allied Restoration Services Inc. has a strong reputation across the Southern California region. Whether you’re dealing with a commercial or residential property, we’ll treat your water damage with professional care. With a 24/7 emergency line that offers quick responses, it’s no wonder we’re Mission Viejo’s top choice for water damage restoration.

For a free consultation call 888-860-1003

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