Flood Damage Testimonial



Home disaster can happen for all sorts of reasons that you have absolutely no control over, from the weather to renovations on another property. This latter situation is exactly what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Goldbach, who found a flood in their home. “I heard it in the kitchen,” Mr. Goldbach says. “There was water dripping. I came out of the kitchen and saw the wall was looking funny.” Dismayed, he immediately walked over to his neighbors property. “The contractor was there,” he says, and the contractor told Mr. Goldbach that “one of his men drilled a hole and hit a water pipe.”


Once the problem was diagnosed, the Goldbachs wasted no time contacting their broker at Hoffman Brown, who recommended Allied for the job. “Maria [our emergency services concierge] inspired great confidence and was very empathetic,” Mrs. Goldbach says. “The people who had anything to do with coming out,” she continues, “went about things in a methodical and sensible way. It was very systematic.”


Working with their adjustor, broker, and Allied, the Goldbachs never doubted that they were in safe, capable hands. This security gave them peace of mind during an inconvenient time. Mr. and Mrs. Goldbach have been married a long time and have the conversational rapport only lifetime companions seem to achieve.


When we asked them how they would rate Allied on a scale of one to 10, Mrs. Golbach says, “I’d give ‘em a 10.” In nearly the exact same voice, her husband concurs. When asked about recommending Allied to family and friends. “Not only would we,” Mr. Goldbach says, “but we have.” With a wry smile, Mrs. Goldbach adds, “We would. No question.” “It was unbelievable how everything got back,” Mr. Goldbach concludes. “It was very, very professional. The whole thing.” Working with the Goldbachs was a joy, and we are happy that we could make a difficult situation a little easier for them.


Allied Restoration specializes in flood and water damage restoration services and working through unfortunate situations so our clients can get back safely into their homes.

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