Home Water Damage Restoration Service

Water Damage Restoration To The Rescue!

Nobody wants to experience serious water damage in their home, but that’s exactly what happened to Stephanie Roven. Even worse, she wasn’t home when the catastrophe occurred. “I was actually out of town and got a phone call that the pipe on the second floor of my condo broke,” Stephanie says. “And it wasn’t just a little leak; it was like a flood.” Stephanie got in touch with a contracting company and hopped on a plane to hurry home.


When she arrived on site, she spoke with her insurance adjuster. “He assessed the situation,” Roven remembers, “and it was bad.” It was actually the adjuster who recommended Allied Restoration to Stephanie after deciding that he wasn’t comfortable with the original company. Once Allied got on the job, Stephanie says, “the next day, it was already better.”


Stephanie realized how thorough Allied was right away because of the way they moved the furniture. “Everything was labeled and marked as if they were a moving company,” she notes. “It was that detailed.” Stephanie worked with Allied “on a daily basis,” picking paints, choosing hardware, and making the tough decisions that come with restoration. “It was as if I was building a new home,” Stephanie recalls. “That’s the level of craftsmanship and workmanship that Allied gave us.”


While the process started with anxiety, it ended with relief and satisfaction. Stephanie thinks the “disaster actually turned out to be a silver lining because the place has never looked so good.” Overall, Stephanie considers Allied a “very sophisticated, high-level, detailed, great company,” where “communication is incredible.” After Allied was finished, the house looked new. As Stephanie puts it, “You would never ever know that anything bad ever happened in that place. EVER!”


When asked to rate Allied Restoration on a scale of one to 10, Stephanie Roven is emphatic. “Ten-plus,” she says, smiling. “Ten-plus.”

If you are ever in need of emergency home water damage restoration service, Allied Restoration is one call away!

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