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Mold is often a side effect of water damage. Mold often goes unseen and untouched until it becomes a devastating problem for home and business owners. Allied Restoration works with you to eliminate mold and restores your home or business to a safe place.

Mold needs moisture to grow so we start with the latest technology to detect and repair the source of moisture and then dry the property for remediation. Our technicians are certified with state approved requirements to ensure your safety and proper removal of mold or bacteria.

From detection to reconstruction, we are there with you every step of the way. Once we have a handle on where the mold is located, we contain it and remove it completely. When we are finished you can have the peace of mind that the mold is gone and your home is safe.

If you are experiencing any floods, leaks or water damage, you can visit our water damage service page to learn more.

Mold Remediation: The Ice Maker Ends Up Making More Than Just Ice…

Mold remediation is one of Allied Restoration’s core service. Mold poses all sorts of health issues and side effects. It is important to perform a thorough restoration and remediation when mold is discovered in a home. When it comes to the safety of your home, you should not take any chances. Mold can grow roots deeper than our eyes can see, as our customer Mrs. Feles found out.

“Allied Restoration is a construction company that is very sophisticated–a high level, detailed, great company!”

Stephanie Roven

“You don’t get frustrated working with them or communicating with them. Whenever I call O.P., he doesn’t debate or say anything, he just comes over and looks at it and fixes it. The whole process— I’m very pleased with it!”

Rosa Mow
Allied Restoration

“Thank you for your great customer service. We appreciate your help as we deal with all of this.”

Allied Restoration

“Having OP join up with us and help in the process has been a real benefit. He and his staff have always shown up on time, their appearance is neat and very appropriate for working with the public. Rest assured, OP and Allied have represented Mercury well!”


“Allied Restoration is high on our list to recommend to our friends and family, and if we are ever in need of similar services again, they will be our first call.”

Melissa Gilbert

“We hit the jackpot with Allied Restoration. They did a beautiful job construction-wise but most importantly, they were so professional and nice throughout the whole process! I would recommend O.P. any day!”

Nancy O’Dell

How the Mold Remediation Process Works:

1. If you discover mold in your property , you can schedule an appointment and one of our skilled technicians will help assess the damages on site. If you send some pictures of the mold, we may be able to give you our input on the mold situation you are facing.

2. Our skilled mold technician comes out to your property and analyze the type of mold and if the mold colonies have formed or spread. We then set up containments to mitigate any risk of the mold spores spreading into other areas of the property. After containment is set up, our technicians will bring in equipment for the mold removal process and use antimicrobials to remove all the mold in the affected area.

3. Our technician puts together the estimate for work performed using the same program and price lists that most insurance companies use. We provide this to your insurance adjuster and in many cases can be paid directly by them to avoid the headache of checks going back and forth.

4. After emergency service and removal is completed, a member of our estimating team will come out and create scope work needed to bring your property back to new. Our estimators collaborate with your insurance company to get the estimates approved in a timely manner to get ready for production!

5. Once we have an agreed scope of work and price to restore your home, we will send you a contract for your review and signature and then we can move on to production of reconstruction. You will be assigned an Allied Restoration superintendent who will work with you on paint colors and final material selections and any changes you may have.


Mold can multiply and grow at an exponential rate. Don’t wait and expect the mold to disappear on it’s own. Call an expert mold remediation company today!

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