Water Damage Discovered When Homeowner Was Away

Water Damage Discovered in Garage!

Deborah Nate’s neighbor discovered water damage when Deborah was out of state. Deborah received a phone call from her friendly neighbor informing her that there was water damage in her garage. She immediately called her insurance company and sent Allied Restoration to estimate the damages and help out. Allied Restoration jumped into the scene and solved the issue with superior quality customer service that left Deborah a raving fan of Allied Restoration.

See what Deborah has to say about her experience with Allied Restoration compared to her previous experience with disaster restoration. She never even had to leave her house and her home was restored. Allied Restoration goes above and beyond with our clients by bringing honesty, positivity, and communication.

Contact Allied Restoration for any Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles and you will become a raving fan too!

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