5 Tips That Can Prevent Fire Damage During the Holidays!

Avoid a Fire Damage Disaster during the Holidays! 

With the holiday season upon us and New Year’s around the corner, Allied Restoration would like to give your clients some tips on preventing a fire right before the festivities! Fires are more common during the holidays, with all the cooking, dry trees coming inside and distractions from the celebration. The last thing we all want is a disaster call during our family gatherings.

Fires can be started by candles, faulty Christmas lights, fire places, heaters, Christmas trees and cooking accidents. With children running around and everyone celebrating, this increases the chances of a fire due to distractions and inattentiveness to our surroundings.

According to the National Fire Protection Association and InsuranceQuotes.com studies, there are around 30 million individuals that have experienced a fire damage disaster due to cooking accidents, candles and Christmas Trees during the holidays! These damages resulted in millions of dollars in property damages each year! We understand that accidents happen, and disasters are hard to prevent, so be sure to check in with your home insurance if you own a property. If you are renting, you will need renter’s insurance to cover any possible damages.

5 Fire Damage Tips to Prevent a Disaster This Coming Holiday!

Tip #1: When cooking, be sure to clean any grease on your stove top or oven that can ignite easily. Keep that area free of any flammable objects like oven mitts or plastic containers.

Tip #2: Keep the lit candles in safe areas where they can not be knocked over by children and keep the candles in sight at all times.

Tip #3: Be sure to frequently water live Christmas trees to prevent them from getting dry and flammable. Keep Christmas trees 3 feet from any heat source, I.E. fireplace and heaters.

Tip #4: Check your Christmas lights for any damaged or fray wires. Poorly kept Christmas lights can become a hazard by having exposed wires touch flammable objects like wrapping paper and dry needles from a tree.

Tip #5: Clean your chimney’s if you plan on setting a fireplace. Debris like webs, leaves and bird’s nest may catch fire and fall onto your roofs!

Bonus Tip: Be ready for any disaster with your home insurance! Make sure you have documented your property with a video recording and have proper coverage on your property. Speak with you insurance agent or broker if you are not sure about your policies. The last thing you want is to be unprepared for a disaster and not be able to recover from a fire. Disasters are more common than we think, and they are very hard to prevent. A proactive approach that we can take is to be prepared, ready and have a plan for a disaster. If you do not have an Emergency Preparedness Plan, here are some tips that may help you get ready for a potential disaster! The point of having an emergency plan is to be able to recover from any disaster.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Allied Restoration! Hope you all have a safe Holiday!

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