COVID-19: 10 Things Your Business Must to Do to Survive This Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to unravel and new updates from the CDC are being released every week. As the situation grows, business owners are left unsure on what are the next steps to take and how to operate during this uncertain time.

COVID-19 Coronavirus

It will be critical for business owners to comply with CDC Guidelines to reopening to mitigate risks, protect employees & customers and prevent the spread from escalating during this critical time.

Here are some things you business needs to do today:

  1. Establish a guidelines for your employees for working remotely – Remote working policies and guidelines will demystify any questions that may harm your operations. You can remain operational even if California undergoes another lock down order.
  2. Find other means of travel and meetings to comply with Social Distancing – It is critical to follow social distancing orders and start utilizing other methods of travel & communication. Zoom is a great tool for meetings that comply with social distancing orders.
  3. Implement Flexible Policies – with social distancing being the first line of defense, your employees could be experiencing situations where they have to be home more often with their children or even flexible lunch hours.
  4. Communicate with your customers – Let your customers know that you are still operating during this pandemic and adhering to CDC guidelines. Email and signage around your facility will be essential to let them know the steps you are taking. This could be cleaning once a week or month to keep your employees and customers safe.
  5. Put proper signage around your facility – Having constant reminders to have proper hygiene such as cleaning before working and after working. Reminders to wash your hands, and even post a cleaning schedule to enforce the importance of cleaning.
  6. Adapt to operating online – Whichever industry your business may be in, it is more important now to utilize technology to operate. Brick and motor may not survive this pandemic, so shifting to online sales and e-commerce may be a great solution during this time.
  7. Look into proper insurance – It will be more important now than ever to reach out to your insurance brokers and see what type of insurance you will need to operate. Business interruption is a popular term you are hearing and this may be the type of coverage you aim for.
  8. Expect to play long term – We can’t predict how long this pandemic will last, and if it will be back. That is why you have to prepare for long term operations during his pandemic. The policies, systems, and procedures must all be thought out with a long term mindset.
  9. Create procedures for outbreaks – Have a company you call at any moment that can quickly clean and sanitize your entire facility in a short notice. This will reduce downtime if you ever have any outbreaks.
  10. Create procedures for proactive cleaning – Be sure to take temperatures and have a cleaning service to disinfect regularly. The CDC recommends daily cleaning for the best results.

Allied Restoration is able to service your business to keep you in operations during the pandemic. We are able to service COVID-19 outbreaks with quick turnaround times and able to provide weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly cleaning services.

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