Business Owners: How Important is Cleaning and Disinfecting Services to your customers?

Cleaning Services

As a business, it is either an adapt or go out of business mentality. The customer always comes first, as many business owners know and as a business, we must adapt to what the consumers want.

A recent survey conducted from McKinsey uncovered that Cleaning and Sanitization is the most important factors when deciding where to shop in-store.

The bottom line is the consumers are looking and paying attention to which businesses are putting THEIR best interest and safety first. That means companies have to start putting their best foot forward and moving with the consumers in the same direction of cleaning.

Another study done by McKinsey stated that consumers that were once loyal to a single brand/retailer have now considered moving onto trying other brands. The playing field has leveled out due to COVID-19 impacting the consumers buying behaviors.

Every business is operating on a clean slate and the market shares are now up for grabs to the businesses that can adapt to the consumer’s demands of cleaning and sanitization as a priority.

McKinsey also puts up a good statement about how “Consumers also want to see an ongoing emphasis on cleaning and safety. As consumers determine where to shop in-store, they are prioritizing cleaning and sanitization and are looking for the usage of masks and barriers. Physical distancing – while important – is less critical in most regions.”

As the world begins to open up, consumers are looking for day to day reassurance to resume their everyday activities. The world is not the same as we know it, and everyone is looking for an extra sense of safety. It may sound funny, but cleaning is becoming a bragging point among businesses. Some businesses are even posting their cleaning schedule and the last time they have cleaned their facility for their customers to see.

McKinsey studies states, “More than four-fifths of consumers in most countries have not yet engaged regularly with out-of-home activities and are waiting for milestones beyond the lifting of restrictions before doing so. More than three-quarters of the 80 percent not yet regularly leaving home want to see various milestones met beyond a government go-ahead before fully engaging, particularly the endorsement of medical authorities or the presence of visible safety measures.”

The CDC recommends the minimal of daily cleaning with touch points being the main areas that need disinfecting and sanitization. This means at the minimum, your staff should be wiping down their work stations before and after each use, getting their temperatures checked before they enter the facility and follow proper protocol.

Allied Restoration is pioneers of bio-hazard cleaning and have been operating since 2008. We have served many commercial and residential businesses with deep cleaning and sanitization all over Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

If you are one of the businesses that are staying ahead of the curve, adapting to the consumer’s demand, and put the safety of your customers and staff above all else, Allied Restoration disinfecting and sanitizing services would be a good fit for you.

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