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From cigarette smoke to foul animal smells, odor can be hard to get rid of for the average homeowner. A professional restoration company like Allied Restoration Services Inc. uses safe and effective methods that not only masks odor, but eliminates it completely. We are equipped with HEPA air scrubbers that clean airborne particulates and deploy a safe and effective formula to eliminate a range of smells. Our team works fast to remove toxic and harmful odors from your space, so you can return to your commercial or residential property in a safe and timely fashion. And with over a decade of experience assisting homeowners and business owners alike, Allied is your premier Los Angeles odor removal company.

To request odor removal and cleaning in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, dial 888-860-1003.

Did You Have To Move Out Of Your Home Because Of Odor? Call Allied Restoration.

If your house is uninhabitable due to odor and ash, you will want to hire a professional to improve your air quality. Trust us, once odor particulates have entered your home through windows, vents, or air conditioning systems, they are not going anywhere without cleaning and treatment, and opening your windows will only bring in more smoke-contaminated air. Your first instinct may be to clean your home, but please document and take pictures before you start the cleaning process. By properly documenting the damages, your insurance claim will have a higher chance of approval. If you had to rent a hotel or temporary housing after being evacuated or due to smoke odor/damage, you should be eligible to have your insurance provider reimburse all additional expenses (including any added costs of eating out,) assuming you save all relevant receipts and diligently document spending. Dry cleaning of your clothing and cleaning of your personal property can also be covered or reimbursed.

Allied Restoration Services Inc. specializes in fire damage cleanups, repairs, and full restoration, so your smoke-damaged property can be returned to normal and any lingering odors can be completely removed. We are able to deodorize and clean all areas inside your house with HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums. And again, these costs will all typically be covered by insurance, including instances where your property has been damaged in a wildfire. Make sure to act quickly if your home or business has recently been damaged by a fire – wild or otherwise – and never hesitate to call our experts at Allied Restoration Services Inc. for complete odor removal.

Contact Allied Restoration Services Inc. today to receive:

  • 24/7 Emergency Odor Removal Service: Odor removal requires detailed cleaning for all horizontal surfaces in the interior and exterior area of your home. We are available 24/7 to schedule emergency wipe-downs of all surfaces, followed up by cleaning with HEPA air scrubbers.
  • Complete Odor Cleanup & Repair Services: We handle every aspect of any kind of odor removal service without you having to coordinate with different vendors for your needs.
  • Free Estimates for Odor Cleaning Services: We proudly provide estimates to clean your home and work closely with insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters to make sure the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Cleaning Odor & Smell: Method One

There are several non-invasive methods using powerful HEPA air scrubbers to purify smoke-damaged air. Combined with detailed cleaning of the affected area, our HEPA scrubbers can help return your home or business to complete functionality and comfort sooner rather than later. And when you hire Allied, you will receive odor removal and cleaning with a total wipe-down and dry cleaning of soft goods and horizontal surfaces.

The Odor Removal Process with HEPA Air Scrubbers Is:

  1. Set up HEPA air scrubbers in main quarters of the space that are affected: We strategically set up HEPA air scrubbers and industrial fans to create a vortex of air movement within rooms throughout your house. This will push all the contaminated air particles into the air scrubber, which cleans and filters the air.
  2. Clean affected area in detail: Our crew will clean alongside the air scrubbers so any particles that get swept up will also be cleaned. We scrub every horizontal surface exposed and HEPA vacuum for added protection. Meanwhile, we recommended that soft goods like clothing and upholstery, which may hold onto odor, be dry cleaned.
  3. Leave HEPA scrubbers running: After completing a thorough cleaning and air scrubbing, our team will leave the HEPA air scrubbers and fans running for 48-72 hours. With the containment set up, we utilize different formulas depending on the odor in question. A non-invasive approach can also be taken by using HEPA air scrubbers and fans to move, circulate, and clean the air in your home.
  4. Return in 48-72 hours: Our team always comes back to the site after 48-72 hours to double-check the premise for odor and collect our equipment. From there, we can provide you with some tips to help maintain clean air quality in your home.

Cleaning Odor & Smell: Method Two

Another approach to odor removal and cleaning that Allied Restoration takes is using safe chemical formulas in a contained area. Allied Restoration will set up a containment in the affected area in your home and deploy a safe but powerful formula that not only masks odors but removes the smell completely. We promise that all chemicals we use will be deployed safely, and that our employees are trained to handle any and all formulas with caution and care.

The Odor Removal Process with Chemical Formulas Is:

  1. Set up containment areas: We begin this process by setting up containments in affected areas where the smell is pungent. We will also do a wipe down of these areas to get rid of any residue or dust.
  2. Perform contents clearing: Next, we clear out or cover all material contents with a film of plastic. If the contents are not the source of the odor, we start moving the contents out or wrapping the contents in a film of plastic, so the contents are not affected by the formula.
  3. Apply odor removal formula: After we have covered up materials in the affected area, we will utilize odor removal formula inside said area for several hours. With the containment set up, we are able to employ different formulas depending on the odor. Again, a non-invasive approach can also be taken by using HEPA air scrubbers and fans to move, circulate and clean the air.
  4. Remove the containment: Following the application of our odor removal formula, we will remove the protective film of plastic from the odor containment area. We will also put back the contents if any were moved and remove any plastic film around the contents.
  5. Finish cleaning and deodorizing: When all the above steps have been completed, Allied will proceed to cleaning the affected area, efficiently deodorizing and remove any remaining odor. We will also perform a final wipe-down and clean the affected area, leaving it fresh and ready to use once again.

Don’t Live with Toxic & Unsafe Odors, Call Allied Restoration Services Inc. Today!

According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality is now an even bigger threat than outdoor pollution. Fortunately, Allied Restoration Services Inc. performs the highest level of odor removal and cleaning in Los Angeles, so you never have to worry about lingering contaminants and pollutants affecting your air. All our work is held to the strictest EPA and IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards, so you never have to worry about whether your property always receives the very best. With various financing options and specials, our quality services are affordable to everybody, regardless of their budget. Plus with flexible scheduling and free estimates, there’s no reason not to contact Allied for more information on odor removal and cleaning. Call today, and find out why we have been trusted in Los Angeles, Diamond Bar, West Covina, and greater Southern California since 2008.

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