Cleaning and Disinfecting for Schools

Have you ever thought about how truly clean your child’s school is? Studies show that many schools fall short in the level of cleanliness due to the amount of foot traffic versus the amount of time spent cleaning. Not to mention the fact that kids and social distancing aren’t terms that go together often.

Schools are not known for being the most sanitary and as communities are starting to open up, one can only wonder how the schools are going to be handling the whole COVID-19 situation. 
Lots of talks have been discussed about online education but the school districts are feeling the pressure to reopen. 

The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, ISSA has created a K-12 Cleaning standard that will bring more awareness and training to the level of cleaning & sanitization needed. Feel free to share this video with your child’s principals or teachers and let them know that Allied Restoration would love to help them implement these standards if they need help.

There have been many statistics that illness such as the flu is the leading factor of expenses to the schools. With COVID-19 being a big boulder to tackle, Allied Restoration and the ISSA are leading the charge.

The ISSA, Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, has created solutions for schools to take a proactive approach. Bacteria, germs, and viruses are the leading factors of absences in schools, causing higher dropout rates and inefficiencies in the education system.

Germs and viruses are easily transmitted from objects to people and schools must have protocols in place to combat the pandemic. When your kids are moving from classroom to classroom, there need to be protocols in place for frequent cleaning & disinfecting of the facilities.

Cafeteria trays, toilets, and water fountains are the items that are often forgotten with cleaning & sanitation services. Some schools may default into using regular janitorial services and that is okay, but having a professional company that is certified to handle biohazards and apply the disinfectants properly can make all the difference!

Find the ISSA Cleaning Standards here.

Allied Restoration has been certified by The ISSA & GBAC, Global Biorisk Advisory Council, to perform cleaning & disinfection following proper protocols. On top of that, Allied Restoration has completed over 1 million square feet of cleaning since the COVID-19 pandemic has started.

From cleaning churches to essential business, Allied Restoration can assist with your cleaning & disinfecting needs to keep your business open and stay open!

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