Temporary Structures During Restoration

Temporary Structures: Batten Down the Hatches

Suffering serious home damage can often lead to a chain reaction. For example, if you have a roof leak that goes unattended, it can cause subsequent damage to your property. To combat this tendency, Allied Restoration builds safe, high-quality, temporary structures while permanent restoration takes place. These structures allow us to work without exposing your home to further harm.


There are three main reasons for the installation of temporary structures: safety, liability, and security. To ensure safety, we build lockable structures that deny entry when we’re not around. We would never want someone unqualified to enter a dangerous worksite. Guaranteeing safety directly relates to minimizing liability. Properly-crafted temporary structures keep your home from incurring legal and financial liability for unauthorized restoration. Finally, temporary structures keep the contents of your property secure. The last thing you want after a disaster is to suffer stolen goods or further unnecessary damage.


The two most common types of temporary structures are board ups and roof tarps. Boarding up is required when edifices like garage doors or walls are damaged, exposing the interior of your property to nature. We use a combination of plywood, 2-by-4-inch lumber, bolts, latches, and locks to keep the elements outside, and the contents of your home inside. Roof tarps are installed when your roof begins leaking to stop any potential water damage on ceilings. Once the roof can be safely covered with a tarp, we will securely fasten the apparatus over the leak to prevent water from doing any more damage.


Once temporary structures are in place, we can begin work on their permanent replacements. Our goal is always to make you feel safe and comfortable in your home during the restoration process, and temporary structures are crucial to achieving this aim. They may not be pretty, but they are great bandages while we prepare to fix your home’s wounds.

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