The Importance of Disaster Prevention

 The Importance of Disaster Prevention

Disasters such as wildfires, storms, and floods can damage your home in Diamond Bar. Preparing your home to withstand a disaster can prevent major damages. Here are five things you can do to protect your home from a disaster.

1. Pay Attention to News Reports

In many instances, you’ll have an advanced warning before a natural disaster occurs. Stay abreast of current weather conditions by watching the news to track upcoming storms or fires. Be sure to have batteries, first-aid kits, clean water, and non-perishable food on hand at all times.

2. Protect Your Home Against Powerful Winds

Strong winds can cause your home to collapse. The good news is there are ways to prepare your home to withstand these heavy winds. Replace your doors with heavy metal doors. Use caulk to fill cracks that are near your windows. Purchase deadbolt locks for your doors. Tighten your door’s hinges.

3. Remove Equipment and Loose Objects From Your Yard

Store items such as patio furniture, potted plants, and tools in your shed or garage. Strong winds can pick up loose items and toss them around your yard. These items can break windows and cause injuries.

4. Flood-Proof Your Home

Flood-proofing your property can be done in two different ways. Wet flood-proofing is performed by installing a sump pump or foundation vents. Taking this action keeps pools of water from forming around your house. Dry flood-proofing your home prevents water from entering your home through cracks. You can dry flood-proof your home by applying sealants to doorways, walls, windows and the foundation.

5. Prevent Damage From Cold Temperatures

Cold weather can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. Once this happens, you’ll be faced with thousands of dollars in flood damage. Here’s how to prevent cold-weather damage. Drain, disconnect and put away your garden hoses. Insulate your home’s outside faucets.

Despite your best prevention efforts, a disaster can damage your home or other property. If you need 24/7 emergency restoration services, contact Allied Restoration today. We provide services for water damage, fire restoration, mold, smoke deodorization, and odor removal.

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