Water Damage Cleanup Company in Los Angeles, CA

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The Best Water Damage Cleanup Company in Los Angeles, CA

Allied Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with licensed and certified professionals ready to cleanup your property. Located in Los Angeles, CA for over 10 years, we provide homeowners and business owners with emergency water damage cleanup services! We are honored to be able to service the beautiful city of Los Angeles and specialize in celebrity and other high end homes in Beverly Hills, CA!

We prioritize and believe in providing world class customer service. Our certified water damage technicians are all trained with world class service techniques stemming from the Ritz Carlton. The standard of service we set for our brand has allowed us to enter the most extravagant homes in Los Angeles, CA and turn the owners into raving fans of Allied Restoration.

How fast can Allied Restoration have water damage cleaned up?

We understand the amount of stress that goes into your mind when you have an unforeseen event like a leak. That is why Allied Restoration is available 24/7 because we know these disasters can strike at any time. Allied Restoration has a response time of 60 minutes. You can expect to have an emergency service technician at your property within 2 hours. Depending on the severity of the disaster, you can expect a proper cleanup of your property within 48-72 hours.

Does Allied Restoration work with insurance companies?

Allied Restoration is a preferred vendor for all the major insurance companies in Southern California. Allied Restoration works hand in hand with you to get you through the claims process. We have worked with thousands of homeowners going through the exact situation and got them back into their homes in record time. 

Allied Restoration provides detailed estimates and scopes of work for you to submit to your insurance company. Allied Restoration does both the mitigation work to dry or secure your property and the reconstruction after. We are the one-stop shop to get you back into your home after a disaster. 

If you are experiencing a situation with a water damage claim, call us at 888-860-1003 for a proper consultation. Allied Restoration has years of experience handling the claims process with insurance companies to provide a hassle free damage restoration experience.

How much does water damage cleanup services usually cost in Los Angeles, CA?

If you are working through your insurance, the cost of water damage cleanup to you is $0. Allied Restoration bills the insurance company directly and handles the process from there so you don’t have to! 

Your top priority should be to keep any damages done to your property from getting worse with professional services. The mitigation of damages is recommended to be done correctly by professionals because the insurance will not owe for any damages that occur due to negligence. 

Don’t let water damage ruin your property. You are not alone when you are dealing with water damage. Allied Restoration has serviced thousands of property owners throughout the years and got them through the disaster. Call 888-860-1003 for assistance in Los Angeles, CA.

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