What is Water Damage Restoration Service?

Water Damage Restoration Near You

What is Water Damage Restoration Service?

When you have water damage from a leaking pipe, flood, storm, toilet overflow, roof leak, burst pipe, or drainage backup, taking action is critical so you don’t end up with long term damage.

A water damage restoration service provider near you can professionally remove any standing water and dry out the property before structural damage or mold growth can occur.

Services from a local restoration company may include visual inspections, water cleanup, drying and dehumidification, cleaning, and repairs. In many cases, an insurance claim may be filed after a water damage disaster and restoration experts can come in to estimate the damages for your insurance.

Steps to Water Damage Restoration

Drying the property and mitigating damages are the most critical steps. Within 24-48 hours, long term damage may occur and the disaster becomes a nightmare.

Are you a person who loves to DIY (do it yourself)? If you are not calling out a professional restoration company to assist in drying out the property, some important steps to take are:

  1. Turning off the electrical in the affected area.
  2. Use a dry/wet shop vac to soak up as much moisture as possible.
  3. Use commercial grade air movers or fans to circulate the moisture inside of the room.
  4. Use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the room.

If you are calling out a local water restoration company to assist in the drying and repairs of property, some important steps to take are:

  1. Making sure the restoration company moisture maps out the affected area and set up a safe working environment.
  2. Take pictures of all the damages in cases of insurance claims.
  3. Set up equipment in affected rooms (industrial air movers and dehumidifiers).
  4. Inspect for mold growth .
  5. Performs moisture tests post drying to make sure the property is 100% dry.

After the property is properly dried up, then repair services can begin. If the building material is still wet, there will be high chances of mold growth.

Finding a Flood & Water Damage Repair Companies Near You

If you’re in need of water restoration services, calling a local restoration company can help you tremendously. Their expertise can guide you through the entire process and properly guide you through insurance claims if needed. Water damage repair and cleanup companies near you should always be IICRC Certified and licensed contractors to do the work and repairs.

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