Earthquake Shut Off Valves
It's not IF, but WHEN

Earthquake Gas Shut-Off Valve

Installation + Equipment
$ 750
  • Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve from 5.4+ Magnitude Quakes
  • Installation of Equipment and Retrofitting
  • Meeting City Requirement for Sale of Homes

What is an Earthquake gas shut-off valve?

Required by law in buildings in some municipalities, an Earthquake Shutoff Valve protects your home, property and loved ones from harm in the event of an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 or higher.

If you are building a new home or renovation your property in excess of 10,000 OR are selling a home. The shut-off valve is installed between the gas meter and building, preventing fires or explosions due to gas leaks in the event of an earthquake.

Allied Restoration provides complete installation and retrofitting services
for residential and commercial clients.

See the LA County Guidelines:

How Does It Works?

Take a moment to understand the simplicity of the valves operation. It has been our experience, that the simpler the operation the more consistent and accurate the function when needed.

Each valve is tested and certified before leaving the factory insuring it meets Los Angeles Counties strict approvals.

Install today with certified professionals and keep your home safe.

Click each of the steps below to understand the visual explanation of how the gas shut off valve works when you need it the most!

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Horizontal Valve

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Vertical Valve

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90 Degree Valve

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