Fire Damage Reconstruction Testimonial

How does a fire damage claim work?

Fire damage claims can be a headache to deal with, especially because of the long-time frames for reconstruction of the property. The insurance companies can only cover your stay out at a hotel for a limited of time and then the time starts ticking for the reconstruction process. There is a lot of moving parts that needs to be coordinated between the homeowner, insurance, and restoration company before the reconstruction for the property begins. The first thing that many you homeowners do is contact your insurance company, agent or broker that sold you the insurance policy. An insurance adjuster that is specialized in fire damage claims will be assigned to your insurance claim and will come out to inspect your damaged property. A restoration company like Allied Restoration is usually called out to put an estimate to repair the damaged property. Once the adjuster approves the estimate from the us, we can do the repairs for that estimated price. You, the homeowner, will then sign contracts with the us, the restoration company, to begin work and get the reconstruction going. During the reconstruction process, we will assign a specialized production manager that will become the main point of contact for the reconstruction. During this time, the production manager will coordinate meetings for material selections, go over time frames of work and time frames for collections of payments. Our client went through a terrible fire damage loss that left him without a home to live in. A majority of the house had to be rebuilt and he was expecting to not have a home for a while. Luckily,  Farmers and Allied Restoration stepped in and helped him regain his home in record time. Left with gratitude, a client became a raving fan of Allied Restoration and Farmers Insurance. By reassuring the homeowners, being transparent and showing progress of the entire reconstruction and claims process, we earned a vote of confidence that brought us to where we are today. Our process have been streamlined through years of experience, which allows us to work at a pace that gets our homeowners back into their homes as soon as possible. All of this may sound complicated and tedious, but with our experience and streamlined process, we were able to not only make client’s happy, we transformed them into raving fans. There may be hiccups along the way, which is inevitable, but our core values that we pride ourselves in is being resourceful, moving with a sense of urgency and providing a service that meets your needs and unexpressed needs. We always find a way to solve your problems because we make your problems our problems and we do not sleep until we solve that issue. We are confident that we are able to make you a raving fan as well. If you or anyone you know are experiencing fire damage losses from the Woolsey Wildfire, we can help just as we have for our raving fans. Please check out our Woolsey Wildfire Damage Service page for more information.

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