Best Smart Devices to Prevent Water Damage

Prevent Water Damage Smart Device

Prevent Water Leaks in Your Home

With all the smart devices being integrated into homes and new technology emerging in 2020, properties are still vulnerable to water damage, fire damage, leaks, and mold. The key is to catch the issue before it becomes a problem that forces you to file a costly insurance claim that may or may not be approved!

Preventative measures have become easier than ever with smart devices, whereas before we had to rely on signals like smoke and mold to realize it’s already too late!

Now smoke detectors and water leak monitors are able to send notifications to your smart device if there is a disaster waiting to or about to happen!

Best Fire & Leak Prevention Device

Water damage from faulty appliances, burst pipes, and severe weather conditions are the main causes of home disasters. These smart devices will keep you ahead of the game and catch it before it becomes a problem!

  1. Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor

For just $35, Ring can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair for water damage. All you need to do is place the sensor on the floor or flat surface under any appliance containing a water source and you will be notified when water or low temperatures are detected! It seems like a no brainer to start placing these all over the house to prevent water leaks and damages! Ring does require an Alarm Security System to connect the devices. 

  1. Ring First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm

Ring has turned the common smoke and CO2 detector smart! This adds a layer of protection to your home by notifying you real time when the detector sets off. This is extremely useful in cases where the home is vacant and something sets off. Ring can then notify you and dispatch local authorities to mitigate the smoke and fire damages. The detector does require a Ring Alarm as well to operate.

  1. StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor

A more expensive but powerful option is the StreamLab Water Monitor for $169. This device allows you to easily place this anywhere in the house, along the pipes and take full control over the system! Similar to ring, but more powerful as this device is able to detect moisture from within walls and hard to reach places by monitoring the pipes! This monitor also learns and can become more sensitive when you tell the device that you are away. If you went through water damage before, you know that a little leak can turn into a huge water damage problem, especially when you have expensive floors. 

Keeping your home and family safe from fire damage, water damage and smoke are easier than ever. The key is always to catch the issue before it becomes a problem. If you found out about a disaster too late, Allied Restoration services Los Angeles and surrounding areas for water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and mold remediation. We can even recommend and install these smart devices listed in this article for you to prevent future damages! Many insurance companies will now pay up to $2,500 to have one of these devices installed after a claim.

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