Technology of the Restoration Industry

Allied’s Approach to Restoration Technology

Digital analytics tools are becoming more and more important to the restoration industry. Web-based apps and programs can provide significant services for restoration companies, insurers, and homeowners. Despite the obvious upside of modern technology, some restoration companies are reticent to adopt newer advancements. At Allied Restoration, we think we should investigate any innovation that might benefit both us and our clients.


One area where technology improves our industry is in regard to contents restoration and inventory creation. Developing an inventory of the items within your home to provide to insurers used to require on-site visits from adjustors. Now, you can take a video from your smartphone and complete the process remotely. At Allied, lots of our clients own unique, one-of-a-kind objects, and being able to engage them in the process helps out a lot when claims are made. Homeowners can provide details that even the most meticulous adjustor might overlook.


During the restoration process, the ease and clarity of technology also makes a difference. Allowing homeowners access to pack out lists means that nothing gets lost in communication when deciding what needs to be restored and what can be replaced or redeemed. Digital tools also allow for policyholders to participate when it’s convenient for them, as opposed to the hours of an insurance company. Digital integration makes every step of the restoration process more efficient and easier to understand.


In addition, Allied Restoration uses analytics for all sorts of internal processes that make our customers’ lives easier. With digital records, we can much more accurately estimate the time a project will take by comparing to earlier examples. We also use data to more efficiently allocate time and resources. Our mission is to provide the most exceptional service possible to our clients. When technology allows us to enhance our quality of service, we welcome it with open arms.

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